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These are some feedback from our customers.

aglex led grow light for marijuana

aglex led grow light

aglex cob 2000w

Very strong for the price.

Amazing light, super bright, all the LEDs have lenses on them. For now I`m super satisfied. The light hangs about 3ft above the plants because it`s too strong to run at 18-24". Runs a little warmer than my other lights but the light output is worth it. -By Troy

aglex foldable light

Bright and light !!

The foldable feature on this light is so amazing !! Makes it so portable for storage and I didn`t expect quantum boards to be this light ! I could lift it with one hand. It has 2 driver that connects to the dimmer and it works very well. 360 actual watt and it doesn`t put out lots of heat !! Super super bright, and I think covering 4x4 can be easily done !! -Darran

aglex k2000 k180

Very Effective Grow Lights, No Complaints, Totally Happy with these lights! - By Jason W. Riley

aglex grow light 2000w

Best Budget light by far, and I have used a lot of them.

If you're looking for a "budget" light that out performs the equivalent "big guy brand" then this is the light for you! Within 3 hours of my plants being in the tent under these, I noticed they were standing up more, the leaves were flattening out, and looked all around much better.
As for the light, I love the addition of the dimmer switch, this has made me re-think my seedling starter tent and I may put one of these lights in there. - By Chris

aglex k180w

Best light for the price!

Decent product. Good materials and good light spectrum. I have multiple daisy chained and can move them around to provide light where needed. Large 3x4 coverage at 22inches.

- By Nathan Rothkamm

aglex k1000

Light is great very bright my plants love it producing solid tops and lower growth is getting dense -By Bobby

aglex grow light

led grow light vegging

led grow light flowering

Highly Recommend. Great value, Plants like it.

- By Jeqwan

all lights in one picture

I just got them installed this morning. The red is definitely there which is why I bought these. Without a doubt, the brightest grow light I've ever worked with. The Cobs look like Bridgelux Vero29's!

- By Terry

aglex led grow light installation

big bud grow light

I purchased the Aglex 2000 watt LED grow light. So far I am really satisfied with my purchase. IMO it's good solid build, the fans are not loud, no heat issues and overall it looks like a quality product. I contacted Aglex with some questions and their customer service was excellent. Pretty quick email response.

- By Jon

weed led grow light

What can I say about this light, it's absolutely amazing and for the money no way you can go wrong. I know those are pretty bold words but the sheer fact that my plants stood straight up within 30 minutes after I installed this light, blew me away. It was almost like they grew 3". In 2 days time my plants have filled out so much they don't even look like the same

plants. I started my grow with a less expensive phlizon 1500w. - Bob

aglex cob 3000w

This COB grow light is a beast, you will be amazed at the power and it has a true full spectrum to maximize your plants. This light is awesome. - By Noemie

cob grow light aglex

I pulled 8 oz off of 2 of these 1200 lights in a 4.5x4.5 first time growing .5 gram per watt. Great light highly recommend!

- By Brain

2000w grow light for weed

Bright light! Could easy flower up 4x4. One thing that I can tell you is that the kill switch on the led is the best thing on earth. You could save energy by turning the bloom of during veg and turn both on when flip. When you`re working under the lights simply turn off the purple! Super super bright with low temp, perfect for hot summer in Cali !

- By Jon

1200w grow light

Amazing product and even better customer service! One of the fans wasn't working and I reached out to them on Facebook. They handled the problem immediately and were super quick and professional doing so. If you want to spend money on leds and are worried about quality or customer service look no further.. the coverage on the 1200 watt cob is amazing and very powerful.

great harvest from aglex grow light

Just finished using this in a 5x5 running the whole tent almost entirely (these were all autoflowers), really impressed with this light especially when compared to the phlizon 3000w which i bought at the exact same time (& doesn't adequately cover a 4x4) and had to pay an extra $60 for.

This lamps Veg function is awesome... & with both switches on this lamp gives off light of a similar temperature/colour to an hps bulb, plants loved it for flower for sure, nice big buds & lots of terp / trich production. -By Mr Big

aglex led grow light for cannabis

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