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L700 LED Grow Light Bar

AGLEX Advanced Grow Light 700W, The Best LED Grow Light On the Market

The AGLEX L700 led grow light is everything you'd expect from a AGLEX LED Grow Light. This led grow light 700w not only help you cut energy costs, but also delivery maximum light output to bring you biggest harvest. Till now, L700 Grow Light is the most advanced led grow light of AGLEX. It's an incredibly powerful growing lamp and can be used in many applications, such as commercial warehouses, vertical or horizontal, greenhouse and home gardening.

Coverage area: at leaset 6'x6'.

More efficient and energy saving

The L700 led plant grow light is with open 6 bars design, passively cooling the system. This allow you to place the plant light closer to your L700 grow light than other grow lights, cut down cooling costs and maintain a perfect grow environment.

The plant grow lamp is built-in with dimmer, 0-100%. You could adjust the lighting intensity as plants needs, providing them with perfect lighting environment, and also saving energy cost, avoiding electricity waste.

led grow light

Specifications of L700 Grow Light LED:

  • 700W power draw
  • AC 100V - 277V
  • PPE 2.8 umol/J
  • PPF 1960 umol/s total light output
  • 6'x6' coverage area
  • Full Spectrum white 3000k 5000k with 660nm red and 740nm IR, from Vegetative to Flowering
  • Built-in dimming function (0-100%)
  • Compatible with AGLEX Controller (can cotrol up to 240 lights a time)
  • Even light distribution
  • Fanless Design
  • Foldable Design, can enlarge Coverage area.
  • IP60 Waterproof
  • 3 Year warranty

AGLEX Controller for L700

Cultivators can set the time for grow lights, when to trun on and trun off, and the brightness changable, sitimulate sunrise sunset.


What changed between the AGLEX COB and the AGLEX L700 LED Grow Light?

While the AGLEX COB led grow lights are incredible grow lights on the market, AGLEX knew there was room for improvement. Seeking the very best in led grow lighting in dustry, we improved and designed our L700, advance grow lamp fixture.

The cob led grow lights are with advanced cob technology, can focusing lighting, delivering high lighting density and ensure powerful lighting. And there are specific VEG and Bloom switches, allow you to change spectrum for plants at specific growing stages.But the lighting is too focusing, there may dark of side. And when trun on veg only, they power will be lower down. When both veg and bloom on, the grow fixture can reach the idea effect.

L700 grow light consist of 6 bars, could delivery more uniform lighting, plants can get sufficient and uniform light even at corner. Full spectrum powerful 7

00w led grow light with dimmer, full spectrum from vegetative to flowering, dimmer allows you to adjust light intensity as plants needs at any stage of plants growth. Very convenient and powerful to use.

L700 grow light with dimmer

dimming led grow light

Why choose AGLEX L700 LED Grow Lights Over the Competition?

Many customers come to us and ask why we choose you not Gavita, Grower Choice or others. We make a comparison for your reference, you could find the value of ours.

EXW L700 vs Gavita Pro 1700e

exw L700 vs Grower choice roi-e720

exw L700 vs Photon Tek X600 Pro

We have warehouse in USA and Canada, we could ship lights to you from your local, faster and no tax needed. Welcome contact us for quotation, boost your business with big difference earning.

Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light AGLEX L700

L700 led grow light 301B

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